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Welcome to the Wine Outlet

We are delighted that you have landed on our website. Here you'll find information and resources about our wines, wine store, wine bar, wine tasting, event space, newsletters and much much more.
The Wine Outlet is your home for everything you need to know about fine wine.  Visit our newsletter section and read through the archives.  You're bound to find many new and interesting facts and features.  Come to a wine tasting or just come visit us. We're always pleased to see you.

Wine Outlet Newsletter

WA vs. Napa valley Wine Smack Down! Class, Monday, April 21st, 7-9pm $35 SPECIAL!

It’s time for a Washington state v/s Napa valley Wine Smack Down! I couldn’t begin to count the times someone has asked me how Washington wines stack up to those from other regions, particularly Napa valley. While we’re certainly proud of our local juice it can be pretty intimidating to consider matching them to some…

Featured Event

Wines for Easter!

Here are a few options of wines we think will be a perfect accompaniment to your Easter meal: Wine With Lamb: 2011 Finca Domingo Malbec (Valle de Cafayate, Salta, Argentina) pairs beautifully with lamb dishes. $12   Wines With Ham: Bouvet Brut Rose Excellence Sparkling Wine (Loire, France) Dry, hints of raspberry & strawberry. Exceptional…