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Welcome to the Wine Outlet

We are delighted that you have landed on our website. Here you'll find information and resources about our wines, wine store, wine bar, wine tasting, event space, newsletters and much much more.
The Wine Outlet is your home for everything you need to know about fine wine.  Visit our newsletter section and read through the archives.  You're bound to find many new and interesting facts and features.  Come to a wine tasting or just come visit us. We're always pleased to see you.

Wine Outlet Newsletter


Wines of Washington State Class – Monday September 8th, 7-9pm, $65

Just $35 per class for Wine Club Members!  This class will put the wines of WA state in perspective for you. You’ll learn what makes WA wines unique (the climate, the soil, and the Big Flood for starters…) in comparison to other wine regions while tasting through some great examples of what WA wines have…

Featured Event


Bunnell Family Cellars Tasting this Thursday at Greenlake Wines, 5-7pm

The Bunnell Family has 3 major labels: The Bunnell Family Cellars, River Aerie and Wine o’Clock. They take pride in being a very hands on company that prefers to interact directly with their customers. Enjoy Rhône and Bordeaux varietals from The Bunnell Family Cellars line, food friendly wines from the Wine o’Clock label, and a…